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Out of the Lab

Jul 12, 2022

In this episode, Host Molly Livingstone speaks with Professor Raymond Kaempfer of the Faculty of Medicine, focused on biochemistry and molecular biology of the human inflammatory response. Prof. Kaempfer is a leading expert in his field, working on top secret biological warfare to shifting the mindset of our future use of antibiotics. His work has always revolved around, what he terms: from death to survival, researching immune storms that contribute to human death and developing novel molecules that prevent these storms and save lives. From a difficult childhood with no toys that fostered his imagination and determination, find out his journey to becoming a top scientist and the importance of doing it in Israel. Prof. Kaempfer’s almost 50 year career at The Hebrew University, along with his achievements and breakthroughs have already affected your life. And he has no plans to stop. In fact he’s even made his lab more “homely” for the long days he spends there. And maybe even nights. How will his latest research affect your health? Let’s get Out of Lab and listen in.

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